01 November 2007

..good lip balm.

photos from Dr. Hauschka.com
my favorite product is the product i use most... lip balm.
being my favorite product i take great joy in hunting my next tube, or pot. it tends to be on the cheap end of items you can buy at the beauty counter or drug store so i don't feel guilty when i realize i own more lip balms than i can count (they can be found in all purses, jacket, and drawers in my house). please please share your faves as i'm always interested!

one product i will stay true to is Dr.Hauschka's lip balm. it is so moisturizing with a subtle smell and lovely texture. it comes in a pot or a tube as you see above. i have owned both and i prefer the pot for my nightstand and the tube for my purse. if i was to pick one it would surely be the pot as it is more moisturizing. jojoba wax is added to the stick to give it a more solid texture.
i highly recommend this lovely orange balm.

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