02 April 2008

..lip balm, again.

photo from eluxury.com
we have a record. yes, this is the most i've spent on lip balm.
years ago i did by creme de la mer lip balm ($45) and didn't end up with a love connection. i think it got tossed out with only about 1/4 of the pot used. tipping the scales by only a few dollars, i recently purchased a tube of by Terry rose balm, or baume de rose if you will.
i had known about this product in the pot form but saw it in the tube and had to try. i will admit i was in vegas at the new, and huge, Barney's when i happened upon this lovely tube. the sales woman raved, but at almost $50 i was skeptical where her passion lied, but i went forth and purchased. the smell is truly amazing and is what sealed the deal for me. you either love or hate the smell of rose, and i am a big fan. the texture is quite silky and although clear, it has a pretty glow to it. not being one who can wear colored lipstick, i enjoy a pretty clear gloss (they also make colored glosses). this borders the gloss/ treatment line which is hard to do.
it is a lovely baume.

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