01 December 2007

..lip calm lip balm.

photo from johnmasters.com

first of all, i heart lip balm. i will admit that i underestimated this little tube called 'lip calm'.
when i purchased my first tube well over a year ago for $5 i didn't expect much. i liked that it was organic and the simple and lovely packaging and that was enough for it to windup in my purse. well i was more than surprised at how lovely this product is. it's super moisturizing and not so waxy for a tubed balm. i often use it under lip glosses so it can moisturize before i add a pretty, yet sticky and goopy, layer over it.
this is one product i continue to use every drop of. a year later, i'm never without a tube of this in my purse or pocket and i give it as a gift all the time.
i highly recommend this balm.. good stuff.

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