18 May 2008

...the babette blanket.

photo from the purl bee.
I haven't really talked about it hear much, but i love to craft. Leave me alone with paper and pen, yarn and needles, string and a crochet hook, clay and a wheel, or fabric and needle and I'll be happy as a clam.
My newest adventure in craft is the Babette blanket. It was featured in Interweave Crochet magazine and designed by Kathy Merrick but I found it on Purl Soho's blog.. The Purl Bee.
The Purl Bee has been the catalyst to many a project for me. It's such a great place to explore as they have a beautiful aesthetic and take great photos of their work. Very well done! I've made this my first crochet project and it's so fun as colors are being changed all the time and are so gorgeous.
Here's a pic of a square in progress on my morning commute. You can see some of the other colors I'm using in the bag.. mostly jewel tones with a little grey and rose mixed in.

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Mila said...

Great, it seems very nice what you're making!
Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's really appreciated. I'll put your link to my list of links too!
(Great you live in NY, makes me jealous...i always think life's really exciting over there, here it's quite boring...) ;)