22 August 2008

... bye bye lovely Mayle.

You will be missed.
Quite surprising to read that Mayle will be done after the new year. Gone, poof, au revoir.
I can't help but think about the items I missed out on over the years; zebra print cropped sweater, billie bag, the chain belt/necklace, and more shoes than the one heel I got my hands on. I will cherish the items I do own.

I am quite curious what Jane will do next. I'm sure there is something up her lovely sleeve.
Until then, I'll pop into the store here and there to get a good dose of the gorgeous girlishness.


Mila said...

Blegh, i hate it.
Mayle will definitely be missed...

Moya said...

Totally. I agree with you on all counts and keep thinking of the items I passed up. I regret not buying all of them now.

I am so surprised she decided to close shop. Even a month or so after reading the news I cannot really believe it.