10 October 2008

.. shoe love.

Economy, politics, life, love, travel- yes, I do think of more than shoes and the material things in life. But....

These shoes from Elsa couldn't be more gorgeous and sharp (found at A Mano). Not surprising from an ex Margiela and Dries designer. I love how the toe and heel are painted very subtly. SHARP!

Elsa oxford from A Mano

These Mike & Chris numbers aren't too bad either (also at A Mano). I wouldn't mind on of their leather jackets either.

Mike & Chris heel from A Mano

But when it comes down to it, I love my Fiorentini & Baker boots soo much that I'm truly thinking this easy slip on style, ELI (from Ped), would be worn daily.
I'm on the wait list. :)

Fiorentini & Baker Eli boot from Ped

UPDATE: just ordered the Eli boot from Ped- I can't wait till they arrive.

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