31 May 2008

.. gorgeous hats.

I adore accessories and at top of my list, hats (sunglasses, scarves, and jewelry are right there too). I think it started as a child, when my grandmother took me to a department store, the first stop would be trying on all the hats. Along with my Spring sunglass fascination is my hat-love that is always there, but particularly strong as the temperature increases. A great hat not only makes an outfit, it's also sun protection... see my purchase-justification-wheels spinning.
I popped into a great hat shop the other day and fell in love with their gorgeous styles. The Still Life, on the lower East side, custom makes their hats in Brooklyn and the lovely owner, Frenel, is great at picking shapes that will look great on you. They are quite a splurge but I hope to have one in the future. Until then, maybe a stroll down St.Marks to visit the street vendors wears.

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