04 June 2008

.. bicycle love.

photo from dutchbikeco.com
Moving crosscountry to NY I gave up a gogeous set of wheels (besides the one that takes gas), my 50's orange Schwinn with basket and bumble bee bell. Sniff sniff.
Now that spring is here I've rediscovered my love of gorgeous bicycles. I happed upon the Dutch Bike Co. from Seattle who has the lovely Oma bicycle by. My heart melts! Gorgeous.
Alas, there no way I could park this in NY overnight and expect it to be there in the morning.
So, a bike that could fold up! Why of course.

Areware has the Strida bicycle. I guess I'll get the 2K first. ;(
Other great times from Areware... wooden radio, mirror with mustache

the sartorialist loves bicycles as well it seems.. see all his photos of lovely people on bikes here.
and a whole blog about girls and bikes in copenhagen.. http://copenhagengirlsonbikes.blogspot.com/ wow.. you can really sprial.

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