06 January 2009

... the count down for Mayle.

With the countdown underway for the end of Mayle, sniff sniff, I am planning my final purchase(s). I stopped into the shop to see if the Billie bag was in yet but I happened upon this lovely Deauville Belt. I hope to have it in my collection soon. I love the stripes.


christina said...

I don't think she made the billie in the small and medium sizes for these last seasons...the oversized one is available and is perfect for travel. I missed my chance to get the crossover baby billie in black a few years ago. I love the graphic quality of that belt but I'm holding out for the sales. Did the shop have any sales going on when you stepped in?

lucy. said...

I'll tell you a secret, shhh.. the girls at the shop say the Billie may be made up in Feb before they close. I'm not counting on it, but I'm keeping and eagle eye as I too love the black. The large in the shop/site now is great, I'm just craving a casual sling bag.

Didn't see many sale items but lots of great small accessories (makeup bags etc). Ahh the love of beautiful items.

PS.If you are in NY- I did see quite a few old item at INA (2nd hand) on Prince street.

christina said...

lucy, thanks for the tip! If that's the case, we should pre-order ours. Keeping my fingers crossed! In the past, I've gotten my mayle bags through shopbop at 50-75% off. Last month, they had the large billie doux in black at $195 but it sold out fast. I managed to snag the tweed version. It's too big for everyday but perfect for weekends and as a carry-on for traveling. Got the ivory/black baby billie for $190 from them and looove that bag!
Also, heijfina marked their mayle stock 70% off though I don't think the accessories are on sale. You may want to call them if there is something you are looking for. Mayle clothing has always been out of my range but now I'm trying to get my hands on favorite pieces before it's too late.

Did you see shoes from resort? I've heard her shoes were comfortable.
By the way, do you remember what you saw at INA? Unfortunately, I'm not close to NYC.