03 January 2009


Oh Dosa, how many ways I find to love you.

My Mom wore Dosa when I was in high school and I liked it, but I didn't totally get it. I slowly borrowed pieces from her which quickly progressed into an all out love. I still have some of those borrowed items as well as a whole slew of pieces I've collected, slowly, over the years. The detail, attention, and love that goes into the brand is not lost and I most enjoy how wearable everything is. Truly wearable art. I can't really pull off the head to toe Dosa look too often but its so easy to weave into your personal style. Anyhow, I'm oozing love after poking around our their new and fantastic website.. so I'll save the photos and just pass on the link so you can see and enjoy yourself....

the actress' of the movie Friends With Money all wearing Dosa

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